About ZEN

The sourcing of energy is proactively migrating from hydrocarbon dependence, across the global economy, toward greater reliance on cleaner energy sources. Considerable progress has already been made in the transition to a low-carbon waste-to-energy production market, resulting from the development of new innovative renewable technologies.

Zustainable Energy Network’s (ZEN) mission is focused on the implementation of Waste-to-Energy and waste derived sustainable product production facilities, with a sense of urgency and conviction in selective markets, supporting stakeholders determined to mitigate environmental impacts from non-recycled trash.

ZEN’s goal, as a Renewables and Waste-to-Energy developer, is to support federal, state and local governments, work with experienced private sector waste management companies to adopt and embrace new technologies, pioneer new partnerships, and convert waste to useful high-quality products.

While the global economy is ever changing, it is likely there will be an emphasis to recover from recent energy related market disruptions using renewable resources and technologies. ZEN is committed to building bridges to a more profitable, environmentally friendly, predictable, and sustainable waste recycling approach and strategy.


ZEN is committed to identify, develop, build, and operate innovative Waste-to-Energy and waste derived sustainable product production facilities, incorporating innovative cutting-edge renewable technology sources that have a positive impact on people and the planet.  We are an enabler and facilitator in support of energy transition and the development of advanced, efficient, and sustainable waste processing projects.  These efforts culminate in engineering success along the following six channels

  • Support decarbonized energy sourced project development

  •  Increase operational energy efficiency with renewable resources

  • Build new sustainable based investment opportunities

  •  Deploying new and innovative technologies

  •  Support new policy mandates towards a cleaner environment

  • Create consumer and shareholder value and exceed expectations

 Progressing along these six channels is possible through our highly experienced team.


The nation that leads in renewable energy, will be the nation that leads the world