Project Development Approach

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Implement an effective feasibility study and commercial structuring program that analyzes key project parameters, including waste characterization, site, utilities, waste supply & tipping fee structure, recyclables & power off-take, transmission, permitting and sustainable development in support of modeling and determination of a successful enterprise for the government and private sector.


Progress project development and contracts that supports the project proceeding, including the completion of all permits, agreements and contracts between the project company, government, EPC contractor, O&M contractor, waste supplier, power purchaser, recycling companies, insurance, site and transmission, to financing arrangements (both debt and equity), and others.

Financial Structuring, including final investment decision, financial closing (both debt and equity), maintenance of  accounts, financial modeling including coverage ratios, etc.

Lump Sum Turnkey Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) Contract in support of a “world class” design, construction, commissioning, and startup program.

Operation and maintenance (O&M) under “industry best practices” for facility management, training, outage/maintenance management, and other services. Integrate the operation and maintenance contractor into the project design and construction process to ensure that the project is implemented to maximize its lifecycle reliability.

WTE Commercial Elements

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