McKay Bay Refuse-to-Energy Facility

1,000 TPD MB 22Mw 337,000 people served

The McKay Bay Refuse-To-Energy Facility is in Tampa, Florida and generates electricity from the combustion of approximately 1,000 tons of municipal solid waste per day. The Facility is self-sufficient and operates on a small portion of the electricity it generates.  The remaining electricity is sold to the Tampa Electric Company (TECO) for their provision of electricity to local homes and businesses.

The Facility's major components include four 250 ton per day (nominal) municipal waste combustor (MWC) units with reciprocating grates, a General Electric steam turbine and 22.5-megawatt generator. Each of the four MWC units is equipped with a spray dryer absorber, fabric filter baghouse, a powdered activated carbon injection system, and a selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) system.

Emissions  from  the  four  MWC  units  are  monitored  by  the  Continuous Emissions Monitoring System, a complex network of sensors and monitoring equipment that relays emissions data to the Facility operators in the control room.